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Jim HallamJim Hallam

Vice-President, N.R.A. (GB), and H.B.S.A. (Historical Breechloading Smallarms Association); Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Gunmakers; Assistant Curator, NRA Museum, Bisley; M.L.A.G.B. Member 1962, H.B.S.A. Member 1977; Chairman, South London Rifle Club (founded 1874!)

I bought my first “real” firearm (a boxlock percussion pistol) at the age of 12 from the local antique shop and with it earned my first really good walloping from my father! Both parents were Sergeant-Majors and disapproved of “playing with guns”. I have been playing with them for over 50 years now – somewhat more responsibly --- first in the School Cadet Force where I shared my time in the Band and the Armoury, then at College (in the days when it was no problem leaving my shotgun and revolver in the Hall of Residence) and then shooting Target Pistol VERY seriously.

The Wednesday evening “Classic” sessions at Marylebone R&PC in the late 1970s led me to the HBSA and running the Pistol Gallery / writing the Rules for the Classic Pistol and Revolver events in the NPA’s “Pistol A.D. Meetings” and setting up the HBSA “1910” Meeting. My involvement with the South London Rifle Club (founded 1874) and especially commemorating the Centenary of their Revolver Section (founded 1886) led to me setting up their October Open meeting, which is now the NRA “Trafalgar Meeting”. I couldn’t keep my nose out of things and found myself on NRA Council, writing their Historic Arms rules, setting up the Historic Arms section of the “Imperial Meeting” and also the Historic Arms Resource Centre. Somewhere along the way I found myself delving into the NSRA August Meeting, where there is now a successful “S.M.R.C. Weekend”.

After 20 or so years I needed more time for myself so I came off NRA Council and then retired early from teaching ------ so NOW I have even less time than before!

I still actively collect British Pistols and Revolvers (Webley fans will have seen many of my pieces in the standard reference books) and also “Zimmer” pistols (i.e., indoor Gallery and Target pistols).

I have been registered as an R.F.D. for over 30 years, specialising in pistols. I have Home Office Authority for several types of “Prohibited Weapons” including full-auto and “disguised firearms”.


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